Contact Person
Santosh Waghe
( Director )
  1. All the contract labour will be paid as per the direction issued from time to time by your office. However, these wages will not be less than the minimum wages fixed under minimum wage act.

  2. Any increase due to revision of basic minimum wages and special allowances declared by Government of Maharashtra from time will be claimed for payment to the individuals.

  3. All statutory dues on account of group insurance/ESI, PF, over time as and when instructed, will be payable by you when it is duly claimed by us through our monthly bill.

  4. In case of termination of any contract labour, statutory payments including retrenchment compensation notice pay, gratuity, leave, encashment and other legal dues payable to the contract employees employed by us will be paid by you to us.

  5. In addition to the above 10% administrative charges on the total bill will be charged and submitted to you every month.

  6. All the required register under the contract labour act, payment of wages act 1936, Provident Fund and ESI will be maintained by us and whenever necessary these will be submitted to you for inspection.

  7. Calculation of wages, group insurance/ESI, PF as end when applicable and payment to the contract labour will be made within specified time i.e. on or before 7th of every month and the bill will be submitted to you for your approval on or before 3rd of every month for payment.

  8. The payment of the contract labour will be made within 4 days after the submission of the bill to make payment to payment of wages act, 1936.

  9. Charges towards ESI/Group Medical Insurance, Provident Fund Contribution, bonus, and gratuity will be as per the provision under the said act.

  10. It us further classified that the terms of contract have been fixed on the basis of the existing provisions of laws. If the same is subject to any change,additional change will be borne by your company.